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    You wanna get started making maps for 8bit-Slicks? Great!
    To get started, please follow these few steps:

    The ARTIST part:

    • Design the original map with a resolution of 320×200, and 256 colours.
    • Make sure to leave 8 rows at the top for chat messages, and 8 rows at bottom for scores.

    BITMAP conversion and generating the NAVIGATION file:

    • Download the PDF file attached to this post, and follow the instructions step-by-step
    • The 2 palettes are used to index colors in GIMP for the C64 and Atari palettes
    • The 2 python scripts are used to convert Atari bitmaps, and compile navigation files

    TEST your map:

    • For now, simply overwrite the MAP and NAV files of an existing map on the disk
    • In future, I will add support for folder listing in-game

    SUBMIT your work:

    • For now, please create a new topic in the Map Forum
    • In future, I will add a map submission box in the Map Tab
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