8bit-Slicks Lynx + more

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022
1:00pm (-05:00) - 2:00pm (-05:00)

Saturday, Sep 10, at 1pm Central USA / 8pm France. We’ll play for about an hour. All 8bit systems welcome but long live the Lynx! 🙂

Discord channel for real-time chats: https://discord.gg/yyrnVsZBCH

Sponsored by Songbird Productions.

One Comment on “8bit-Slicks Lynx + more

  1. Hey Carl!
    Sorry for no communication these past couple of months. I am will be back into 8bit action from next week.
    Unfortunately this event will be in middle of the night for me, hope that I can join the next one (if it is held morning time your side).
    Cheers, Tony.

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