ROLE race 02


9:00pm (Europe/Berlin) - 10:00pm (Europe/Berlin)

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The accelerate is on the right side 🙂

Raiders of the Lost Empire – internal Event “ROLE race”

6 Comments on “ROLE race 02

    • Yesterday we played the game with peoples from EXCESS & ROLE using the TC64 and RRNET on the C64.

      In parallel, we started a Jitsi Meet on mobile. We wanted to see each other when we had an over 🙂

      The gameplay is great and on the TC64 with RRNET it works really mega.

      We need more MAPS though 🙂


      • Great to hear! I am going to release a boxed version that has 20 maps. I am in talks with publisher.
        BTW, how about number of laps online? 5 lap is good or more would be bettter?

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