The shareware version of 8bit-Slicks (10 maps) is free to play! Download the floppy/cart below, and register a username to play Online.

The full version (22 maps) can be purchased from SongBird (Lynx) or Pre-Ordered (Apple, Atari, C64, Oric). Further information on the NES/Famicom will be available soon!

Donations are also welcome, to help with server costs and porting to more 8bit systems.

Thanks for your support!

Shareware Version

Apple //e
Apple //e Disk

Atari 8bit
Atari XL/XE Disk

Atari Lynx
Lynx Cart

Commodore 64/128
Commodore 64/128 Disk

Oric 1/Atmos
Oric Disk

Oric Disk
Tandy CoCo Coming someday
Dragon 32/64 Coming someday
Thomson MoTo Coming someday
Amstrad CPC Coming someday
ZX Spectrum Coming someday