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Atari Disk

Release Date 2022-05-08
Required Hardware 48K version: Atari 400/800
64K version: Atari XL/XE
Optional Hardware 8bit-Hub, DragonCart or Fujinet for online play
Emulation Please use this modified version of Altirra 4.00 which supports both 8bit-Hub and DragonCart. To configure, simply go to:
System > Configure System > Peripherals > Devices > Add
Important Note Make sure to update Fujinet to latest Firmware. The game runs best with HSIO set to 9:55kb. For some reason, it does not work at 0:124kb. Please also note that Fujinet support is "best effort". DLI/VBI get turned off during SIO communication, causing the sprites and music to cut-off several times per second.

If you experience issues or bugs, please ask for support on the Forum.

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