Pre-order the full version of 8bit-Slicks!

The full version of 8bit-slicks will be out soon! It contains 22 maps, improved sprites, and up-to 4 players online! Head out to the pre-order page to get in the waiting queue: 8bit-Slicks (Full Version)

Boxed release of 8bit-Slicks?

Scoreboard and performance (2021-01-26)

New version of 8bit-Slicks is available that fixes scoreboard bugs and improves performance overall (better FPS for all, and shorter load time on C64)!

Fujinet Support (2021-01-23)

Good news: A preview version of 8bit-Slicks with Fujinet is now available for download! For now, framerate is not the greatest (compared to DragonCart), but I am working with Thomas on improving performance. Jump-in for a quick game… Read More

Atmos Update (2018-12-25)

I decided to get started immediately on the next port, which is the Oric Atmos. After a little digging, I found a nice set of tools called OSDK, which is helping me save a lot of time in… Read More

Apple/Atari/C64 Release

After 2 final weeks of development and testing, the game is finally available for public download! The list of improvements made in these past few days is long. These are the highlights: New GFX mode for Atari with… Read More

Progress Update (2018-12-07)

It has been a very long hiatus, and I apologize to people who have been patiently waiting for all this time. Around March time, I hit a brickwall with the Atari and Apple versions, for a number of… Read More

Progress Update (2018-01-14)

We had a big beta-testing session tonight, with about 8 different people connecting over a couple of hours. The good news is that the game ran smoothly most of the time, and only minor issues were detected. I… Read More

Progress Update (2017-10-29)

For the past 3 weeks, I have been busy porting the game to the Atari 8bit. There are some interesting graphic modes on the A8, but they have challenges (such as FPS). Here’s a teaser screeny (left A8,… Read More

Progress Update (2017-09-27)

It has been a long time since the last update, as I was quite busy with work over the summer. The good news is that 8bit-slicks is now very close to release, I am aiming for Xmas 2017…. Read More