Progress Update (2018-12-07)

It has been a very long hiatus, and I apologize to people who have been patiently waiting for all this time. Around March time, I hit a brickwall with the Atari and Apple versions, for a number of reasons. After a busy summer/autumn at work, I am now tackling issues as listed below. I plan to release the C64 and Atari version ASAP, so I would like to get some help for testing this weekend if possible!


The MCP flicker mode I have been using is unbearable, forcing players on CRT to¬†switch to B/W mode. But then… they cannot see who chatted what, since players are colour coded.

-> Action plan: I could not find a satisfactory solution to the MCP flicker, so I am re-coding GFX to use InterPlayer mode, which has a least possible flicker. You can see below an example of before/after image.

The tires always lag behind the car, and their flickering is a visual annoyance.

-> Action plan: I am recoding the tires to use DLIs (5th sprite) such that they will follow the car very closely and not flicker.


The software sprite routine is quite slow, such that the Apple FPS is half that of C64/Atari.

-> Action plan: I am recoding the software sprite routine in assembly, and trying to squeeze every cycle out of the code.

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