Songbird Production Race Meet-Up

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2022
4:00pm (Europe/Paris) - 5:00pm (Europe/Paris)

Some of you have asked when we’re going to organize online races for 8bit-Slicks using the Hub. Our first “official” event is going to be this Saturday, May 7, at 9:00am USA Central Time / 4:00pm France / 11pm Japan. We’ll play for about an hour, and players can come and go as needed since each race only takes about 5 minutes.

This first event is a great chance to get your Hub configured and try your hand at racing (although I’ll warn you — a couple people are pretty good and much better than me!). Simply set up your wifi credentials on the Hub, then create an account at You will then enter your account credentials in the 8bit-Slicks game.

If you are successful, then you should see a variety of servers hosting races. We’ll pick the first servers which allow 4 players to race. If we fill up more than one, then we’ll use the next one too.

The Slicks cartridge includes a simple chat program to allow some real-time communication, including quick messages to indicate “Ready” or to congratulate players after winning. However, if you’d like a way to chat in real time, please join us on Discord at

Please reach out via email or on Discord if you have any trouble getting your Hub set up for the first time. Thanks and we’ll see you on Saturday! 🙂

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