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    In order to play online, you will need either to have a Uthernet card in slot 3 of your Apple //e, or at least know how to setup APPLEWIN correctly.

    Follow these steps CAREFULLY, and you will be running in no time:

    (1) APPLEWIN only works over cabled Ethernet. If you are running in Windows 10:

    • Go to “Control Panel” > “… Network Status…” > “Change Adapter Settings”.
    • “Right-click” > “disable” every adaptors except your Ethernet Card.

    (2) Download and Install WinPCAP (needed for Ethernet support)

    (3) Download APPLEWIN

    (4) In APPLEWIN:

    • Click the “Settings” icon (Joystick and Speaker)
    • Select “Model”: Apple //e
    • Click “Ethernet Settings”
    • – Set “Ethernet” to Uthernet.
      – Select the “Interface” (only 1 should be shown as you only have the ethernet enabled).

    • Go to the “Sound” tab, and select “Mockingboards (in slots 4&5).
    • Restart APPLEWIN, and try loading this disk: UDP-Test
    • If you did everything correctly, then APPLEWIN will display the same list of servers as shown here

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