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    I was able to get this connected to my Wifi once and since then it never connects. I’ve tried my main wireless as well as my guest network. all 2.4GHz, WPA2, proper password is in there.

    Are these settings supposed to save on the SD card? I have a FAT32 formatted 256GB card in there, but I don’t show any files on it.

    Powered via MicroUSB connection.

    Also, does the Lynx actually need to be connected and powered on for the 8Bit Hub to get an IP? I’m thinking not as it seems to go through it’s boot cycle and try and obtain an IP regardless if it’s connected to the Lynx.



    Hi Mick!
    The fact that you could connect to home Wifi at least once is encouraging. As you guessed, the Hub should connect to Wifi without needing the Lynx to be plugged-in. The Wifi settings are not saved to SD, they are saved to internal EEPROM.
    I have 2.4 GHz with WPA2 password at home myself, and run 3 networks for testing (Netgear, DLink, Eero).
    To make sure that the hub itself has no issue, please could you try creating a Wifi Hotspot with your cellphone using the SSID “8bit-Unity” and PWD “0123456789”?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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